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How Does Digital Marketing Help My Business? 5 Reasons to Launch a Strategy

Local businesses constantly look for ways to "get people through their door." Companies commonly use many marketing tactics — from printed ads and flyers to word-of-mouth recommendations — with varying degrees of success. However, one of the best ways to reach the broadest possible group of consumers is to invest in a digital strategy. 

Let's discuss why you should care about digital marketing and five ways it can help your local business grow. 

Why You Should Care About Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing's most significant benefit is its ability to help you reach people wherever they are and at a time when they have their attention pointed toward your business. Effective use of digital tactics empowers you to target your business's core audience so that your company will show up in searches they make and at different points throughout their buyer's journey. 

To be more specific, digital marketing is an exceptional tool that can: 

  1. Reach People at Any Time

Imagine if you had a salesperson on staff who never slept, never took a break, and could always be counted on to provide helpful information to your customers. How much would such a salesperson be worth to your business? 

In a sense, your website (and total digital presence) is like that salesperson. Customers can visit your site anytime, day or night, and receive answers to their questions about your business. If you have a high-quality website with helpful landing pages that guide visitors to key information, then consumers will be more likely to do business with your company. 

  1. Target Your Key Customers

Digital marketing allows you to target your core customers in several ways. You can employ keywords and phrases throughout your website that will appear in specific Google search queries your customers are likely to type in. Once you have those customers "in your sights," so to speak, you can also deliver customized programmatic ads that will attract their attention and nudge them toward a purchase decision. Remember that identifying your audience ties into both the targeting and the message you want to deliver.   

  1. Communicate Throughout the Buyer's Journey

The average customer for any business goes through a "buyer's journey" or "consumer journey" — i.e., a process in which the customer interacts with the company at multiple "touchpoints" until, finally, they make a purchase.  

Of course, not every potential customer you reach with ads will be at the same stage of their buyer's journey. Some may not even be aware of your company. Others may be researching, while others may be on the verge of deciding. Here again, digital marketing can offer your company the significant advantage of allowing you to reach customers at different stages of their journey with relevant messaging. Plus, digital marketing has a relatively low-cost point, which means a higher ROI for reaching prospects and making sales. 

  1. Drive Engagement by Generating Trust in Your Audience

A sound digital marketing strategy also includes ways to establish or enhance your company's trustworthiness and expertise. Even a well-known local business may lose potential sales if its reputation is spotty. On the other hand, if you demonstrate to customers that they can trust you throughout your website, Google Business listing, and social media accounts, you'll be in a prime position to attract new clients to your company. Ways to drive engagement include asking satisfied customers for 5-star reviews, posting testimonials and case studies, and keeping up-to-date with your company blog. 

  1. Provide Information About Marketing Effectiveness

The data you collect from digital marketing can also help you to accurately measure how effective your efforts are and where they may need to be tweaked. For example, how did a recent digital marketing campaign affect sales? What was their percentage of increase compared to the norm? After increasing your digital ad spending, how many more customers came to your store compared to an average month? 

While digital marketing KPIs may vary from one business to the next, they can help you learn more about your customers and what ads they respond to (or don't respond to, as the case may be). 

Use Digital Marketing to Grow Your Local Business 

In summary, there are several compelling reasons to launch a digital marketing strategy for your local business, including the following points: 

  • Digital marketing can help you reach more people 
  • It can help you reach the right people 
  • It allows you to change your message depending on the current needs and concerns of each prospect 
  • It offers ways for you to build trust in your company 
  • It can help you see what's working and where you need to make improvements 

If you're interested in exploring how digital marketing can contribute to your local business's growth, reach out to our friendly team of experts at Federated Digital Solutions today to start the conversation. Whether it's content marketing, podcasting, or any other advertising channel, we can help you get to where you want to go. 


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Shannon Allen

Written by Shannon Allen

Shannon Allen is the Chief Revenue Officer for Federated Digital Solutions. She has over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing and over 15 years more specifically working in the digital world. Her passion for digital marketing is what drives her to find the best digital solutions for clients as well as for FDS. Shannon believes that true marketing starts after the sale with strategic campaigns and detailed reporting to help all FDS clients with an ROI, so they see the value in digital marketing.

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