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The challenges of change

When I first started working at Federated Media and Federated Digital Solutions, my first thought was being unsure about how qualified I was.

Fast forward a year and some change, and I see how it is actually a perfect fit.

Me being right for the role had very little to do with skillsets or experience but had much more to do with a kinship I felt with the business owners I met with as part of the job.

It seemed odd to me, too, that an inexperienced 24-year-old female would have much in common with the generally 45+-year-old male business owners and general managers I was meeting.

But in each meeting, I began to notice a common theme I could relate to: struggle with change.


Both the business owners and I were aware change was inevitable, maybe even necessary, and yet often unsure of how to manage it.

I read a book a few months back called Bittersweet, where the author, Shauna Niequist, talks about the power and pain of change.

She writes,

“This is what I’ve come to believe about change… It’s painful, exponentially more so when you try to fight it.”


I try and share this with every business owner I meet.

I see the fear in their eyes when terms like “Facebook’s algorithm” or “Mobilegeddon” are spoken. I watch them twist their hands or rub palms across their foreheads as they explain how foot traffic has been down in their store or they have seen a decrease in face-time with their clients.

And I feel for them.

But here’s the thing … Their customers, those people they are so desperate to see, those faces and feet many business owners believe ghosted them some time ago … they are actually closer than ever before.

Everyone is now a click away from their customers.


Although a retail store or a bank may see fewer faces in their brick and mortar, they can reach out to their customers whenever and however they want.

Never in history has there been more access to one another.

The businesses having the most success are the ones embracing this idea. The ones that resist, like Blockbuster and Radio Shack, end up losing in a big way.

Every religion, every education system, is rooted in transformation.


Transformation causes discomfort, but in that discomfort, great things are built. Evolving is key to relevance. What works today may not work tomorrow.

As a marketer, I know I’m told to teach this, but I think all these sentiments are true in work and in life. And I want so badly for these business owners to see that.

At Federated Digital Solutions, we want to help business owners navigate these changes and capitalize on the assets and opportunities they now have, as opposed to mourning the ones they feel they have lost.

Let us help you and your business change, in all the right ways.

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Rory Kemerer

Written by Rory Kemerer

With over 9 years of digital marketing experience, Rory Harris is a leader in the digital playing field. Her passion is clear when she is helping her clients identify their goals or challenges and connecting that to a digital strategy to bring them the highest ROI. Her knowledge not only comes from both branding and lead generation solutions but also the experience she brings to the table to help her clients understand that the data tells a story on what is going on with their marketing.

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