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What To Expect From Your Reporting Meeting And How To Measure ROI

Marketing without reporting is like riding a bike while blindfolded — you’re probably going to be hit by something you never saw coming. Reporting meetings are a crucial part of every marketing campaign because it’s your opportunity to review if campaigns are running efficiently and effectively.

At the end of the day, we know our partners want their advertising campaigns to achieve a return on investment. Reporting meetings are our time to show our partners the results of campaigns to give them context for their metrics and to answer the question: “What does it mean to me and why should I care?” In other words: ROI!

Here’s what you can expect in your reporting meeting with Federated Digital Solutions.


Reporting meetings begin with a recap from the month prior to start the conversation. We’ll discuss the agenda of the meeting during the recap and address any questions you may have.


A critical part of every reporting meeting is to review and discuss the goals that we’ve set with our partners. Goals and benchmarks hold us accountable to you and they let us know what it is that you care about when it comes to your marketing.

We understand that oftentimes the goals that were set early on may evolve. This is also a great opportunity to discuss if the goals and measurements are still making sense.


As part of the reporting process, we provide a big picture and a granular review of the strategies and campaigns that we’re running for each client. We provide a general review of strategies implemented for the month and then break down each individual campaign.

Depending on the types of services you’re running with us, we will go over metrics for branding and lead generation buckets. The metrics we look at are specific to the strategy, so this section will be unique to every client.

We like to educate our partners at FDS. Part of that is drilling down on marketing and metrics and answering the question we mentioned above: “What does it mean to me and why should I care?” It’s how we help our partners see the ROI in the strategies that we implement for them.

We strive to be transparent with clients, and that means having an open and honest discussion about the way campaigns are going. When we review the metrics, we also include notes and insights on the performance of each campaign/strategy.

Here’s what kind of metrics you can expect to see from our different strategies.

Branding Campaigns

Our branding services include display ad targeting, video targeting, OTT/CTV, geofencing, addressable geofencing, Facebook targeting, social media management, and content marketing.

Depending on the strategies you’re using, you can expect to see metrics on click-through rates, frequency, actions taken, reach, device delivery, completion rates, link clicks, and social media engagements.

Lead Generation Campaigns

Our lead generation strategies include SEO, SEM, and FDS Local. Depending on the strategies you’re using, you’ll get metrics including things like click-through rates, keyword rankings, and your online reputation.


You can expect to see a similar breakdown of each individual campaign as the general review.

We’ll review every campaign that ran for the month so it’s clear that we’re meeting the expectations that we set and that you’re seeing a positive ROI on your campaigns.


ROI is a critical part of our reporting meetings. At the end of each reporting session — after having discussed each campaign — we’ll offer our insights into any changes we think should be made to ongoing or future campaigns to ensure you’re getting the ROI you want.

Updates to campaigns could be anything from adding or removing keywords, changing the location being targeted, altering audience demographics to better suit your campaigns, or reallocating the budget to maximize campaign performance.

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Jessica Reid

Written by Jessica Reid

Jessica is a Digital Marketing Consultant for both Federated Digital Solutions and Cannabis Digital Solutions. Her passion for digital marketing is what drives her to help find the best digital solutions for all her clients by being an extension of their marketing team. Her passion is helping to generate measurable results by creating customized strategies for all her clients by navigating the consumer journey, wherever they are in the buying cycle.

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