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How To Set Up And Access Meta Business Manager

If your business has a Facebook page, you should be using Meta Business Manager.

Meta Business Manager is a feature of Facebook and Instagram that allows a business to securely manage access to the page, organize business assets such as ad imagery and reduce the risk that the page is taken over by hackers.

The platform is free to use and fairly simple to set up once your business page is created. Let’s discuss why you need to use it and how to set it up.


Any business on Facebook can — and truly should — use Meta Business Manager to manage their page.

The number one reason to use Meta Business Manager is to manage access to the page, both with employees and vendors, such as a digital ad agency running targeted ads for you on Facebook or providing social media management services.

In Business Manager, you can add members of your business’s marketing team and limit their abilities to your company’s page, Instagram account, ad account, or financial records connected to your marketing on Meta. If you want someone to only access messages, you can do that. If you want someone from your accounting team to only be able to access ad receipts, you can set that up.

While you will be adding each employee’s personal Facebook account (note that using a dummy account is a violation of Facebook’s Terms of Service), it does keep their personal page separate from your business. It also makes it easy to remove an employee if they no longer work for your company.

You can also manage the access of vendors to your page, such as a digital marketing agency that you partner with for social media management or to run Facebook and/or Instagram ads. The agency should have their own Business Manager so they can manage their own employees’ access to your page, and you only need to approve access to the agency one time. If your relationship with the agency changes, it’s easy to change access levels as needed in Business Manager as well.

This makes it harder for hackers to access sensitive information in your Facebook page or Business Manager if someone who has access to your page gets hacked.

If you’re running your own ads or connecting your online store to Facebook, Business Manager allows you to manage those assets securely and provides an extra layer of protection. 

You can tell if another business is operated by a Business Manager by looking at the “Page Transparency” section of a business’s Facebook page. If it says “(Business Name) is responsible for this page” then the page has a Business Manager set up. In general, it’s most secure for you to only grant access to vendors through their own Business Manager, rather than by adding individuals to your page directly.


You will need to set up your Meta Business Manager using your personal Facebook account in order for Meta to confirm your identity. Using a fake page or dummy page can cause Meta to shut down your Business Manager and any connected Facebook pages.

Once you are logged in to your Facebook account, visit Facebook’s Business Center and select “Create Account.” Follow the prompts to include your business’s name, select the primary page (this claims ownership of that page), and enter your business email address (this will likely be separate from the personal email you used to create your Facebook account).

Once the Business Manager is created, you can add additional business information, add people to your page, connect your Instagram account, and set up an ad account if necessary. 

Note that one person can only create two Business Manager accounts, but you can be added to unlimited Business Managers created by other people. If you have access to other Business Managers, they will show up when you visit Facebook’s Business Center.

Meta Business Manager is separate from the similarly-named Meta Business Suite, which is what Meta calls the backend dashboard for business pages on Facebook. You will likely use Business Suite more often, as that’s where you will create and schedule posts and reply to messages and comments. While you can connect Instagram and manage page access in Meta Business Suite, you will have more control and security for your page if you set up a Business Manager.

You can access Business Manager by visiting the Meta Business Settings page. You can find it through your Business Suite or bookmark the linked page directly.

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Krystal Vivian

Written by Krystal Vivian

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