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5 Key Tips For A Successful Marketing Campaign

When it comes to marketing, there are a few, simple strategies every business can implement to improve marketing for their business.

Every business is different, but the roadmap to improving your marketing campaigns remains the same. Here are our five tips for successful marketing campaigns that you can implement today.


The first step for business owners is to define your business’s key offerings. These will be two or three of your top products and services that drive the most revenue. A successful marketing strategy focuses on what’s most important to your business, rather than spending money marketing a product or service that isn’t as popular.

Take the time to sit and think about the top offerings you want to focus on for your marketing campaign.


After you’ve defined your business’s key offerings, it’s crucial to narrow down your target audience for each of those offerings. Many companies fall into the trap of thinking that everyone is their target audience for all of their products and services, but that’s simply not true.

For example, let’s take a look at a credit union. For this scenario, we’ll say that the top offerings for the credit union are that it wants to increase membership and lock in more mortgages and auto loans.

The three audiences here are vastly different and may be at very different stages in their life. Somebody who needs an auto loan and is buying a car is very different than somebody whom you want to target to become a member of your credit union. And, indeed, someone looking for a mortgage may already be a member and probably isn’t looking to take on a car loan at the same time.

Each of these offerings may eventually lead to another over time, but when we’re talking about the beginning stages of marketing you want to define that audience so you’re targeting the right people at the right time.


When thinking about your core message, it’s crucial to think about what sets your business apart from others.

Let’s look back at our credit union example. Does the fact that they’re local set them apart? Or is it the APR they’re offering? Maybe it’s their high level of customer service. Whatever that core message is, it should be consistent throughout your entire marketing campaign.

Make a plan for effectively sharing your message to fit the variety of media types and platforms in your marketing campaign too, such as videos, display ads, and social media.


Geotargeting is often not used as strategically as it could be for marketing campaigns

Chances are that you’re running a local business and want to stay in your local vicinity. But we live in a world where consumers can reach us from all over. Even if you have the ability to serve customers nationwide, you may want to focus on a few key locations where your potential customers are.

Take special care to consider the geography of your marketing plan.


In the end, it's important to put all of the puzzle pieces of your marketing campaign together and develop a strategy around your goals. Take a look at each individual goal, evaluate the budget you’re willing to spend to reach those goals, and build your marketing strategy.

After implementing each of these steps, you need to consider the ROI of your plan. Identify how you’re going to measure the success of your marketing campaign, what it means to you in the end, and what the most important aspect of your strategy is.

If you need a hand developing a successful marketing campaign that gives you a return on your investment, Federated Digital Solutions can help! Contact us today to find out how we can help you identify your goals and develop a marketing campaign strategy that’s right for your business.


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Karlie Mandigo

Written by Karlie Mandigo

Karlie Mandigo is a Senior Digital Marketing consultant for Federated Digital Solutions. She has been leading the consulting team since 2017 and has developed a particular skillset that focuses on the automotive industry. Her passion for her career comes from the ability to cultivate trusting relationships with clients. She enjoys putting all the puzzle pieces together to create a strategy that will help achieve and exceed her client’s goals year over year. Karlie puts the work in with her clients and it shows as she knows and believes that true commitment starts AFTER the sale.

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